Company Philosophy
Company Philosophy
The Japanese meaning of SUMOTORI is Sumo wrestler — Japanese hero who is embodiment of high professional skills, physical strength, self-discipline, high moral principles and team spirit. SUMO wrestling philosophy is the PHILOSOPHY of LIFE, as well as in traditional oriental game "GO" (unlike chess, the philosophy of which is figuratively a war).

MOTOR the heart of the name relates to technical focus of the Group.
All together SU MOTOR I means — all about machinery from all over the world for successful business, reflected in the company's slogan — THE POWER OF YOUR SUCCESS.
SU — the beginning of the name is part of English word SUCCESS
I — the last of the name is part of English word INTERNATIONAL
Logo (sign)
Represents the Japanese hero (SUMO wrestler) in a fighting stance with power and stability. It is also relates to the part of the engine — the crankshaft as the main driving force.
The Power of Success for Clients is to promote effective and promising development by providing them with modern technology and introducing advanced technologies.
Power of Success for Partners is professional and effective promotion on the Russian market of the high-quality equipment and modern technologies they produce.
Power of success for Employees — providing opportunities for the development and implementation of professional and creative potential, personal mission of each employee.
Making life is better, Primorye is more beautiful, people are happier, becoming THE POWER OF SUCCESS for our Clients, Partners and Employees!