SUMOTORI JAPAN is Official Representative office of SUMOTORI GROUP in Japan.

Our Mission — to create 2-way bridge between Russia and Japan for efficient economic and cultural development. To enhance communications of Sumotori Group with Japanese partners, fulfill marketing and representative functions and ensure export supplies.

As well as the provision of practical services to Japanese companies to enter Russian market efficiently and help Russian companies to enter Japanese market.

About us

We invite you to cooperation!

Sumotori Japan services
Support services
for Japanese companies
Provides practical services for the effective entry of japanese companies into the Russian market
Support services
for Russian companies
We are ready to help you to bring your goods and services to Japanese market
Official representative office of Sumotori Group
We carry out the function of the Official Representation of Sumotori Group in Japan
Export support
for Sumotori Group
Optimization and acceleration of export deliveries to Sumotori Group
+81 52-934-7070
Nagoya, Japan